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Biography  of QueenE

(Old Skool) QueenE was named Esther after her mother and her Aunt. Her early beginnings hails from the projects of N.W, Washington, DC especially when D.C. was really considered Chocolate City. While growing up in this neighborhood with her brothers attending schools, she and her brothers mimicked the Doo Wop and Motown sounds of this time. Two of her brothers sang and played in a band while QueenE tried her hand at singing with her girlfriends in school talent shows.


QueenE wrote poems during her High School and College days and compiled a book of poems that is pending publication. Esther went to work for the Federal government as a Secretary where she is presently employed and where she occasionally volunteers to serve our country overseas. In her spare time of late, she has found her way back to the studio to write, create and produce music. It is her dream to pursue Songwriting and Acting in her next career move.


QueenE has emerged and resurrected her poetry and songs to produce her first Compilation Album to showcase her Songwriting skills called “We Are One” in year 2013. It shows off several songs under different genres. She shows off her granddaughter’s Rap skills and Spanish language skills and her daughter’s soulful singing style. After writing and producing several singles for them, QueenE went into the studio to cut her first solo album called “Victory Is Mine” year 2014 that was released and distributed June 2014 by iTunes.


This album has a mix of Rap, Pop and Hip-Hop genres. The most popular songs on this album are her Holiday Rap song for Thanksgiving and her spoken word piece called “My Valentine Love.” Another popular hard core Rap song she says she wrote to shame the Devil for killing and harming a woman or child is called “You Low Life Scum”. And she likes to promote her Hip-Hop, Pop song from the album called “We Are” as a motivational cheer for all Sports events.


QueenE continues her song writing and has released several Singles this year, one especially for and with her now 91 year old Mother name Esther featured on the one called “The Book of Esther” in the gospel genre and one Single under the Go-Go genre now being played called “Dark Chocolaty.” She plans to continue writing for this genre to keep Chuck Brown and the Junk Yard Band sounds alive. 

Stay tune for QueenE’s second album she is working to finish this year. Go to shop and download any of her Singles at various Digital stores. Follow her on Social media with her OldskoolQueenE name and join her Fan Club from her website at to click Register in the Fan Club Exclusive page.