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La La La, The Look Cover Chosen!

The Making of Album - Here Comes Old School!

MAKING OF MY 2nd ALBUM -- "Here Comes Old School"

Fans:  Here are two practice attempts at this Love song in Draft Form called "I Dream of Love".  I will take it to full production soon. I was just sharing with you the work I'm putting into making it. 

And there is a little controversy with my new Single I released the month of May.  Your weigh-in will be needed soon as to if this song sounds like other Artist song?  Well, I got my answer from the group Roxette who answered and replied to my email to them from their country in Sweden.

NO, my La La La, The Look do not sound like PRINCE song "You Got That Look" or the Band name ROXETTEs song called "The Look".  There is the same word Phrase but different way of saying and singing it.    FANS, U BE THE JUDGE!



Songs that made the cut so far:

  1. We Want Peace on Earth   -   (my Gospel with my grandkids and mother released only on YouTube Video)
  2. Here Comes Old School, Pt. 1   -   (a Single released in Pop & R&B  genre)
  3. Here Comes Old School, Pt. 2  -    (not released, working on a Line Dance for this part)
  4. Keep It Right  -     (a Single not released in Pop genre)
  5. Shut My Mouth   -   (a Single released in the Rap genre because there is no Go-Go genre)
  6. Dark Chocolaty   -    (a Single released in the R&B genre because there is no Go-Go genre)
  7. I Dream of Love   -   (R&B not released except the Drafts on this website)
  8. No Good Bye Is Good   -   (R&B not released and track not laid)
  9. QueenE's Funk   -    (Pop or Funk not released and track not laid)
  10. Struggle in the Jungle   -    (Funk not released and track not laid)
  11. E - Enoy   -     (Jazz not released and track not laid )
  12. LaLaLa, The Look    -     (a Single just released in the R&B - Pop genre)

Two more songs are undecided for a total of fourteen (14 songs).  Stay tune and please share the released songs you like.