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PRESS RELEASE–February 1, 2020


NEW ALBUM:  Old Skool QueenE Produce Her First Book of Poems & Spoken Word as an Audio Book Album!


February 27, 2020 is the scheduled date for Old Skool QueenE’s release of her first Poetry Book called Love 4 Love.  It will be her fourth Album released by iTunes. And iTunes will start taking Pre-Orders February 6, 2020


She is a Poet and Singer-Songwriter that has released both Pop and mixed genre Albums in the past, but she will tell you that Poetry is her first Love since her High School days. 


She has carefully chosen 6 of her prized writings on Love from the heart, love to the heart and love about the feelings of the heart to someone.  A very fitting and appropriate time of year for Love and Black History is the month of February that Old Skool QueenE captures in her Spoken Word and Poetry Album.


This 6 Track Album that she independently Executive Produced where she made a conscience decision to re-Publish her special Spoken Word piece that was already released back in 2015 as a Single called “My Valentine Love” closed her new Album on the 6th Track.


This Poetry-Spoken Word Audio Book named Love 4 Love is a great representation of Old Skool QueenE’s talent and sums up how versatile and creative she can be.  iTunes is presently taking Pre-Orders before the release date.  Go to Old Skool QueenE website for the Pre-Order Link.


Next up for Old Skool QueenE are a couple of Projects in the works for collaborating with other Artists to release other Singles. Also In the works is another First, A Duet with RnB Legend, Keith Sweat to be released later this year.  And QueenE reveals that she has written a Pop genre song for her Rollerskating community just in time for the International DMV Rollerskate Showdown this Spring.  In addition to working plans for her Old School Day Parties to tour around the country.


Stay tune for this busy Poet and Singer-Songwriter to follow her on her Social Media and join her Fan Club or Newsletter membership at her website for upcoming Events. 


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Website:  www.oldskoolqueene.com 




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December 3, 2018   -  Old Skool QueenE On The Move For Performances and Interviews!

After her Album Released, Old Skool QueenE started out to begin promoting and Touring her hottest Singles from the new Album.  She went back to the Coast2Coast Live Stage she says gave her a platform and was first to recognize her talent.  She performed her new Single La La La The Look at Coast2CoastLive in Richmond, VA and looks forward to joining them again in another city this  new year 2019.

Old Skool QueenE also got her first In-Studio Radio Interview by Radio One's WOLB 1010 AM Talk Radio Show where Tracey Snow Introduced QueenE to her  Audience and got QueenE to sing this same LaLaLa The Look song as she questioned QueenE about how she got her start and who she would like to do a duet in the future with and closed the Interview with Old Skool QueenE's new Christmas song that is on the Album.  You can hear the entire Interview on QueenE's website on the Press-DJ Tab.

Old Skool QueenE is scheduled to do another Radio Interview for a Gospel Radio Talk Show WBGR's Music Evangelist Category.  She will Co-Host with  Pastor Kanoee Reynolds for her "Let's Chat" segment on December 24, 2018.  Although Old Skool QueenE has songs in other genres, she has several Gospel songs that has gone unnoticed that was released 3-4 years back as well as the two new Gospels songs released on her new Album this year. Queen's says her faith in God will always be shared in her music.  She is a Poet and creative writer who can whip up a Gospel tune whenever she get "that feeling".  Mark your calendar for 12 noon, December 24, 2018 Christmas Eve for this On-Line Radio Broadcast at https://wbgrnetwork.com/gospel.

Old Skool QueenE also looks forward to becoming an Opening Act at a Celebrity Concert. So stay tuned and visit her website at www.oldskoolqueene for updates on her activities.




November 3, 2018  NEW ALBUM - HERE COMES OLD SCHOOL   

(Old Skool) “QueenE "is one of the hottest unsigned up and coming Singer-Songwriter and Performer that is producing a variety of music for music lovers and her Old School Fans worldwide. 

Straight out of D.C., this self-made Independent rising Singer-Songwriter has become one step closer to the National stage with her newly released Singles that puts one in the Gospel genre called “We Want Peace On Earth” and Singles released under the Pop & GO-GO genre called “Dark Chocolaty”, "Shut My Mouth",  “La La La, The Look” and “Here Comes Old School, Pt.1”.  QueenE’s fondness for the Go-Go sound of her hometown, Washington, D.C. is very prevalent in these Singles and has become a street and club banger that get Fans back on their feet and dancing.  

QueenE also announces that she has written and recorded to produce another Holiday song added to her new upcoming Album for Christmas.  She says:  "Yes, I did this after a Hollywood Music Supervisor asked me for one. He told me that Hollywood T.V. Shows and Movies look for Christmas songs in July when they are filming their Christmas shows. I cut a studio Go-Go Christmas song that I know my D.C. Go-Go Fans will love because I made sure it had the Go-Go beat flavor.  It's called  "Christmas Cheer" so stay tune." 

These Singles are creating a buzz that is being heard and loved around the world. And they are a must listen to and make a great playlist addition.  Available for immediate download at all major online retail outlets like Amazon, iTunes, and Google Play specifically on OldSkoolQueenE.com website.  Stay tune for her new and 2nd Album called “Here Comes Old School" releases November 2018.


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