#BLACK PANTHER MOVIE - I'm Black and I'm Proud! Podcast


I wrote Dark Chocolaty to speak to the issue in the Black community about bullying and hating our own skin color.  The old White Community, notice I said old White establishment did a terrible psychological damage on our African people 100 years ago when they brought them here to America.  My 92 year old mother was saying clear up till 15 years ago that she prefers a White Doctor.  I would correct her to re-educate her that we have some good Black Doctors too!

I myself was passed over for a lighter skin woman that my black brothers chose to marry.  I know it was due to the mis-education of the negro. Ladies, hear my plea for you to stop the bullying and nasty name calling and cat-fighting each other.  My Dark Chocolaty song is written to inspire you to be proud of your blackness.  Don't bleach and whiten your skin, don't inject yourself with foreign solutions to enhance anything.  Thank God for your natural self and you will be blessed.  Say it Loud:  "I'm Black and I'm Proud"

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  1. Dark Chocolaty

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