Comedians & Others Get Censored!


Uh nope  "sticks and stones will break my bones but words will never hurt me" is wrong.  

My mom used this phrase to try to arm me and my sensitivities from bullies in my school and it just didn't work cause my feelings was hurt and I was embarrassed in front of a group of kids, etc. etc.

To this day I have to watch what I say even to my own grown Adult children because of their sensitivities.  And it was not my habit to do this. My kids know me for cutting into them and going right to the real deal and snapping them up when they are wrong even though it hurt their feelings and they did not want to hear it.

So, as I have learned from my kids and others, I have to bite my lip and just Shut Up sometimes and is why I wrote the song "Shut My Mouth".

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